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The Reader's Pick for February is...


"Fallstreak", with an impressive 29 votes! For the first time, our Editor's Choice and Reader's Pick both go to the same story -- a real achievement, especially for a new writer. Congratulations to the talented Dale E. Lehman for this strange venture into the far future of humanity.  Along with bragging rights and a cool badge for the story (visible above), there's also a $100 cash prize! This month's Honorable Mentions (bragging rights only, but still a major achievement) are awarded to the following:

We'd like to thank our subscribers for participating in the voting process. Without an audience, we can't tell our stories, so we owe half of all our successes to you. Remember, we'll be having another of these contests every month, so please take a moment to swing by the Member's Area and cast up to five votes for each of your favorite stories!

(That's a privilege reserved for subscribers only. After all, it's our subscribers who pay for the prize, so it seems only fair. And yes, writers, you can vote for yourself — if and only if you subscribe. $5 a month: I spend more than that on coffee!)

Keep those vidphones tuned to this station for more exciting contests, new prompts, and, of course, the mindblowing tales that make our magazine the talk of the Outer Rings. For more information on how you too can win our Reader's Pick contest, visit our website or stop by our Discord channel and ask.

Incidentally, if somehow you haven't yet read "Fallstreak", now's your chance. Just click the link and go for it.

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