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It's time to take one small step...


Gain access to mind-bending science fiction stories from around the world in all different subgenres. Find stories you love.


You won't find a better deal for endless sci-fi stories anywhere on Terra. Subscribe annually and get two months free!


Sprawling novels are great, but who has time to read them these days? Enjoy thrilling science fiction stories on your potty break.

Want to Write for us?

Want to join the sci-fi writing elites? Submit a story and we'll see if you have what it takes to send it soaring through the stratosphere.

What We Do

1,000 words isn’t much, but it’s enough to craft a five-minute escape to another dimension, and that’s our goal.

It's a busy world and you don't always have time to immerse yourself in a sprawling space opera spanning multiple tomes and thousands of pages.


Fortunately, we bring you immersive stories, characters, and ideas you can read on your potty break.


Sci-Fi Shorts has been publishing flash fiction from authors around the world since 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Jump onboard and jack into the steady stream of amazing flash fiction stories coming your way!

Our Vision

We envision a community where readers and writers come together in a unique way, building relationships that extend beyond just reading a story or being a distant face to fans.

By curating an elite writing team and creating opportunities for engagement between writers and fans, we hope to foster an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and friendship.

Directly support the writers you love through your subscriptions. Share your thoughts on stories at our town hall meetings. Learn how concepts develop in our "Behind the Story" podcast series. And, get to know authors directly through our own Live AMA events.

For only $5 per month, you gain access to a science fiction lover's paradise.

  • Continuous new stories

  • Easily find stories in your favorite sci-fi sub-genres

  • Discussion groups with other subscribers

  • Access to our "Behind the Story" podcast

  • Invites to our Author AMA Events

  • Discounts on eBooks and print books

Come Explore with Us

About Sci-Fi Shorts

A publication dedicated to bringing you fantastic science fiction stories in 1,000 words or less.

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