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Announcing Our New E-Zine!

The editors at SFS have been working behind the scenes to design a new online publication that includes some of the most fascinating and popular SFS stories from the past year. To say we're excited about this new periodical anthology is a huge understatement.

The first issue of Flash Futures is now available for sale on our website under the SHOP link at the top of the main page. If you are a subscriber, or if you wish to become one, you can always read the most current issue by clicking on the FLASH FUTURES link.

In addition to flash sci-fi stories from our talented group of writers and featuring a new writer in each issue, we've added new original artwork, a pop science article, and a letter from the editors. Here's the editor's note from Vol 1 Issue 1 which explains more about the magazine.

From the Editor

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Flash Futures, the Sci-Fi Shorts magazine!

Within these pages, you will find some of the most imaginative science fiction stories being published today. Written by independent authors who are not yet famous, each of these flash fiction gems consists of a thousand words or less, carefully edited and curated by the community of talented writers and editors at SFS Publishing. Each story is a well-composed, minimalist snapshot of a conjured future that will stay with you and continue to grow in your mind long after the three minutes or so it takes to read it.

This anthology, a collection of stories originally published in our online publication, is modeled after the famous and enormously successful pulp sci-fi magazines of the 1940s and ‘50s, during the peak of the golden age of science fiction. Imagine what it must have been like to pick up an inexpensive copy of, say, Astounding Science Fiction or Fantasy & Science Fiction and read a story like Nightfall or Flowers for Algernon by some author you’d never heard of before, like Isaac Asimov or Daniel Keyes. That’s the kind of excitement and anticipation we feel about Flash Futures, and we hope you will too.

Those ground-breaking publications of the last century focused their attention and resources on the quality of the content, not the glossiness of the paper. And that’s exactly what we intend to do — focus on the content. Not just the prose, but also the pictures. The original illustrations accompanying these stories are every bit as unique and captivating as the words themselves. These days, of course, we don’t need to resort to printing our publication on cheap paper to control costs. We have the Internet, and…

Digital is the new pulp!

Enjoy this first issue of Flash Futures, and all the issues to follow.

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