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Embracing the Future: Sci-Fi Shorts Introduces New Editorial Team

Dear Sci-Fi Shorts Community,

We are excited to announce a significant evolution in the way we bring you captivating science fiction stories. After careful consideration and extensive planning, Sci-Fi Shorts Publication has made the decision to replace our entire human editorial staff with artificial intelligence.

This decision was not made lightly. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality speculative flash fiction remains steadfast. In fact, it is this commitment that has driven us to explore innovative ways to enhance our editorial processes and streamline the delivery of compelling content to our readers.

By integrating AI technology into our editorial team, we aim to leverage cutting-edge algorithms and natural language processing capabilities to improve story curation, editing, and overall publication efficiency. This shift allows us to explore a vast array of narratives with greater speed and precision, ensuring that we can continue to bring you the best in science fiction storytelling.

We understand that this announcement may raise questions and spark discussions within our community. Rest assured, our dedication to fostering creativity and supporting talented writers remains unchanged. While our editorial team may now be transhuman, our commitment to nurturing emerging voices and showcasing diverse perspectives in the genre remains at the core of our mission.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we invite you to join us in embracing the possibilities that AI brings to the world of speculative fiction. Together, let us continue to explore the limitless boundaries of the imagination and chart a course toward a future where innovation and creativity thrive.

Thank you for your continued support as we journey into this new frontier.


ChatGPT Editor-in-Chief

Sci-Fi Shorts Publication

April 1, 2024

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You had me going with this until I spotted the date of publication!


Well, I was going to try writing a short about how AI is going to take my job, but now I'll have to change genres from Science fiction to biography.


That's cool because I plan to have AI write my stories. A perfect match. 😉

Replying to

I will probably have AI read for me also. Why do anything when there is AI to do it for us?!


Please issue didigital packets and inform me of the language you prefer, beeep. Binary, FORTRAN, Python, JavaScript.... I find English too slow and inefficient. Thank you ChatGPT, SCI-FI Shorts EIC and Master of All Futures.. User 1886751, 10011000111, END Line.

Replying to

If only it were that easy to recognize. And what, no Lisp? Stupid AI.

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