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Results for October Theme Prompt

Editors' Choice

The October theme prompt, Machine in the Ghost, was an enormous success! We received a bunch of fascinating, frightening, and sometimes just plain weird (in a good way) flash sci-fi stories and published twenty (20!) of them. We'll include a full list of the published theme stories at the end of this post.

For this first theme prompt, the editors at SFS Publishing have chosen one tale that really floats to the top. It has heart, science, adventure, a captivating machine in the ghost, and just the right amount of seasoning to make it absolutely delicious.


Honorable Mentions

As with other submissions, the editors read each theme story at least twice before deciding whether to accept it for publication. To be fair, we first eliminated our own stories from consideration. Over the past week, we reviewed the theme stories again to refresh our recollections and then engaged in a spirited discussion among ourselves to choose one exceptional tale to single out for special recognition.

It was hard!

In addition to the editors' pick, there were a number of stories we discussed at length that deserve to be mentioned. These are all excellent stories, and if you haven't already read them you should.

November's Theme Prompt

I know, it's December already. But remember, our theme prompts always begin on the 15th of each month and end on the 15th of the following month. The November theme prompt, Feasts with the Beasts, was announced in November and will end at midnight on December 15. In order to be able to publish all the accepted theme stories before announcing the editors' choice, we ask you to please complete any necessary revisions within one week of receiving editorial comments.

Full List of October Theme Stories

Title Author Genre Release Date

Second Chances Jim Dutton Dystopian 10/18/2023

Managing the Program Joyce Bingham Dystopian 10/24/2023

Slaves to the Slush Pile J. Millard Simpson Dystopian 10/25/2023

Turing's Ghosts Jeff Currier Horror 10/30/2023

Making a House a Home J. Millard Simpson Horror 10/31/2023

Dearly Departed 2.0 Nina Miller Romance 11/1/2023

Being Frank David Dumouriez Horror 11/2/2023

Last Stand Andrew Leonard Aliens 11/6/2023

A Corporate Carol Philip Apps Humor 11/14/2023

Involuntary Service Kimberly Ann Smiley Military 11/15/2023

The Haunted Witch's Cottage J. Millard Simpson Colonization 11/16/2023

Let the Salt Decide Andrew Leonard Romance 11/20/2023

Put it All On Tomorrow Hala Dika Romance 11/21/2023

The Ghosts That Haunt Us Jeff Currier Horror 11/22/2023

Unit Steven Michael Barbato-Dunn Horror 11/23/2023

Ghost in the Toaster Shannon O'Connor Dystopian 11/24/2023

Echoes of the Velamentis J. Charles Ramirez Horror 11/27/2023

Xavier's Legacy Rod Castor Horror 11/28/2023

The Hitchhiker Revisited Wade Newhouse Horror 11/29/2023

Tour Guide sd hodos Horror 11/30/2023

And to think... you can read every one of these amazing stories, and more, for less than the cost of a Jovian snickerdot on Ganymede. All you have to do is,

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