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Results for December Theme Prompt

Editors' Choice

The December theme prompt, Treasures, Brightly Wrapped, ended on January 15 with the final accepted entry published on January 29. We accepted eight transformative tales about self-discovery. A full list of the published theme stories can be found at the end of this post.

Our favorite story this month is one by frequent contributor Jeff Currier about a girl who doesn't seem to fit in, figuratively or literally. Imagine a formalized courtship ritual that only happens once every few years and resembles some weird combination of senior prom and a lively round of dodgeball. This story captures and amplifies adolescent awkwardness and then resolves it in a way that is quite uncommon — at least it was in my high school.

If you haven't read Jeff's "life-changing" tale yet, don't be shy. Click the link below and enjoy!


Honorable Mentions

In addition to the editors' pick, there were a number of other stand-out theme stories that are definitely worth a read. You'll probably recognize the first two authors below as two of our top writers here, and their contributions to the December prompt do not disappoint. The third honorable mention is by a new SFS writer, and it's a bit of a style-wise departure for us. Its subtle metaphors and philosophical depth make it impossible to ignore.

January's Theme Prompt

The next theme prompt, Weather Warnings, was announced in January and will end at midnight on February 15. Check it out, and send us your best flash sci-fi story, even if it's frozen, singed, or soggy!

To allow sufficient time to publish all the accepted theme stories before announcing the editors' choice, we ask you to please complete any necessary revisions within one week of receiving editorial comments.

And don't forget, if you are a subscriber to our site, you can click on that little rocket icon at the end of a story (up to five times) to express your appreciation to the author. Each month, we award a cash prize to the story that has the most rocket blasts.

December Theme Stories

Here's a list of all the submissions for the December prompt, in order by publication date. You might find answers in one of these if you've ever asked yourself, Why am I not like everyone else? 



Release Date

Nina Miller


Jeff Currier


J. Millard Simpson


Jillian Schedneck


Shannon O'Connor


Jeff Currier


Dan Leicht


sd hodos


Remember... you can read every one of these amazing stories, and more, for less than the cost of a boutonnière for your next planetfall. All you have to do is,

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