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January Theme Prompt Winner

Editors' Choice

The January theme prompt, Weather Warnings, ended on February 15, with the final accepted entry published on March 4th. We accepted nine fascinating stories in which weather or climate played an starring role. A full list of the published theme stories can be found at the end of this post.

Our favorite story this month is Fallstreak by a relatively new author here, Dale E. Lehman. This is Dale's second published story at SFS.

Set on a world that is thoroughly and constantly shrouded with thick fog, a team of highly-trained explorers and scientists have nothing to explore — just the featureless mist that obscures everything. Until one day, a rare and wonderful thing happens.

When I first read the story, I thought "fallstreak" was one of those compound made-up words we sci-fi writers often construct for our stories. But it's not! It's a real phenomenon that happens on different strange world — Earth.

If you haven't read Dale's revealing weather story yet, take a "peak" through the mist. Click the link below and enjoy!


Honorable Mentions

As usual, the editors uncovered a few other notable theme submissions during our nomination and review process, and we'd like to mention those as well. As with the winning story, the weather plays a central role in each of these: foggy, arid, cold, and perfect.

Next Month's Theme Prompt

The next theme prompt, On This Special Day, was announced in February and will end at midnight on March 15. Check it out, and send us your best flash sci-fi story while the day is young! Or old, or in the future... whatever special day you wish to highlight.

To allow sufficient time to publish all the accepted theme stories before announcing the editors' choice, we ask you to please complete any necessary revisions within one week of receiving editorial comments.

January Theme Stories

Here's a list of all the submissions for this month's prompt, in order by publication date. Whatever weather you prefer, you're likely to find it in one of these entertaining sci-fi tales. 

If you are a subscriber to our site, you can click on that little rocket icon

at the end of a story (up to five times) to express your appreciation to the author. Each month, we award a cash prize to the story that has the most rocket blasts.

That's right, you can read each of these amazing stories, plus a new one every weekday, for less than the cost of a sun visor on planet Canelón. All you have to do is,

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