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  • Maren N. Law

    Space Debris Mary Lawton Space Debris Eruptus Bolcán Mary Lawton Eruptus Bolcán Scales of Justice Mary Lawton Scales of Justice Earth's Warrior Stepmums Mary Lawton Earth's Warrior Stepmums 25 Mary Lawton 25 Cable Ties Mary Lawton Cable Ties Maren N. Law An Irish writer, Mary Lawton is a mother of three who has just completed her PhD. An Agatha Christie fanatic, Mary spends her free time sidestepping red herrings and writing. She writes on various subjects; however, she has a penchant for Sci-Fi and dark thematic fantasy sprinkled with good old-fashioned drama. Previous publications include stories in Daily Science Fiction and TL;DR Press.

  • Michael Barbato-Dunn

    Michael Barbato-Dunn ​

  • Nina Miller

    Nina Miller ​

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