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Time Travel Paradox

Rod Castor

John Martin's Universe

Bill Adler

The Best Version of Me

Jim Dutton

Galactic Green

J.A. Taylor

The Hook Up

Kyle O'Riley

Step Into Space

Michael Landwaard

Split Decision

John Bullock

A Galaxy A-Part

LeNai LeRue


Patrick Kemp

Write with us

Are you a fiction writer up for a challenge? Send us your best sci-fi flash piece under 1,000 words. Gain readers and earn money from your story.

About Sci-Fi Shorts

Sci-Fi Shorts is a flash-fiction publication dedicated to amazing sci-fi stories under 1,000 words, so you can read at least one on your potty break. A thousand words isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to craft a 5-minute escape into outer orbit, and that’s our goal.

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